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Insight - 

60 % of Millennials and Gen z's have roommates. And let's be honest, they like "borrowing" without telling you. Especially in the fridge. 

Year: 2022

Art direction - Ebelle Weng, Lia Aleksan 

solve - 

We created a beer protection system called Bustweiser that will reimburse you when they steal your beer. 

Year: 2021

Art direction - Ebelle Weng, Lia Alkesan, Riya Gupta 
Motion animator, product render-
Martin Morillo  
Motion Graphics- Jamil Watson 
Editor- Riya Gupta 

Budweiser will come out with a new packaging called Bustweiser.

The front of this packing will seem like an average bud 12 pack, but on the other side, it'll tell our customers how to use our new security system. 

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