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The Ultimate Adrenaline Drop

Insight - 

We know our clients. They are adventurous, they are daring and they will live for the thrill. But why do we drop our products like everyone else? 

solve - 

We give them adventure. We give them the adrenaline they are missing in product drops and launches. 

Introducing The ultimate adrenaline drop. 

Year: 2021

Art direction - Ebelle Weng 
Copywriter - Ana Cobo
Dome product render/ Design -
Alexander  Lopez 

All of our products will be launched in our ABS plastic, biodegradable locker domes that change color based on it's location 

Get the word out 

We will be posting pop up posters of our Adrenaline drop everywhere with a QR code that takes them to our website

The Products

Limited edition stand up belt bag dropping at the Great wall of China 

Limited edition hiking backpack dropping at Machu Pichu 

Limited edition wind breaker dropping at The Great Canyon 

All of our adrenaline winners will be posted on our Instagram!


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