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Insight - 

Peacemaker is the biggest douche bag in the show and he loves giving guys nicknames according to their penises. And the guys... well they cry and never forget about what they were given.

Year: 2022

Art direction - Ebelle Weng
copywriter- me again, with help from all my friends everywhere 

Solve - 

People like sending dick pics even when no one asked for it. Why? I don't know. But as a fellow receiver,  I  know girls don't find it attractive, and most of them want this behavior to stop. 

Peacemaker uses his bully tendencies for good by giving these men some nicknames that'll make them cry.

Why this idea is perfect.  

Please watch the show you'll have a great time & Suicide squad 2

(So so much better than the first one!!! I can never love someone more than James Gunn)

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